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General OC'ing questions for my rig

By k.jacko
Nov 16, 2007
  1. Last night i OC'd my rig (See sig) from stock levels to 3GHz and ran Orthos for 10 hours with no errors and the cpu temps reaching 64° max on stock cooler, which i'm rather happy about.

    Now, i'm thinking of the next level.

    1. I have a spare brand new freezer pro 7 that i could use to maybe bring the cpu temp down and allow me to push for 3.2/3.4GHz. Is it worth using arctic silver 5 thermite to help with temps as well?
    2. Is it worth me adding a northbridge cooler?
    3. One of my front case fans is noisy as hell, so i turned it off about a year ago. Are there any particular brands i could replace it with (it was the stock one supplied with the Lian Li case), so it can add extra air flow again, since i'm now an OC'ing freak!
    4. Does overclocking affect hdd temps? If so, is it worth looking at a cooling solution for it. I only have one hdd in the rig.

    I appreciate more fans will mean more noise, but tbh, its more of an experiment really. Once proven i can always look to reducing the noise with better quality fans or something.

    GPU question

    1. I want to overclock my 7900gs (256mb). Its the version notorious for good overclocking. What the best software to use and would that need extra cooling as well, considering all the other overclocking i'm doing?

    2. Whats the best realworld test to perform on games before and after an overclock to see the difference? FRAPS? or something like that?

    Your help would be most appreciated, thanks
  2. pdyckman@comcas

    pdyckman@comcas TS Rookie Posts: 527

    Arctic Silver (yes!)...sure, cool northbridge and seat w/ Arctic. Ball bearing (or) dual ball bearing fan.120 will be quieter and they make an effective case fan (in the right place). I'm working on using a small air conditioning unit rigged to my case. You could buy a clip on HDD cooler. (Your drive should not overheat though). I use NVidia N'Tune for o'cing GFX. My 8800 doesn't need extra cooling as of yet when I pump it. Use Everest Ultimate Or PC Wizard to have a GFX temp monitor. FRAPS works for me. Easy to use. Put in that cpu cooler! Good Luck.
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