Get the top rated Intocircuit 15000mAh Power Castle for over 70% off

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intocircuit 15000mah power castle

The Intocircuit Power Castle is one of the top rated external batteries on the market, boasting a 5 stars in 200+ Amazon user reviews. Right now you can grab one for over 70% off - just $34.99, the lowest price on the web.

The Power Castle packs 15000mAh of portable power enough to charge an iPhone 7 times over. The Power Castle features an LCD display and dual USB ports, but what really sets it apart is the built-in SmartID technology which optimizes charging speeds depending on the device you connect. To top it off, a brushed aluminum casing gives this device some serious style.

The Power Castle typically sells for $130, but you can get yours now for just $34.99 - 73% off MSRP.

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Sorry that is 15 Milliamp hrs but you be you and get you one the next time you need a car battery.


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15mAh is nothing - - that's a trickle charge and will take hours to fully charge anything.
Access to the specsheet would be helpful

[edit] 15000mAh == 15Ah [/edit]


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Which is:
  • Dimensions: 5.04”L x 2.80”W x 0.87”H
  • Weight: 14.08 oz
  • Charge capacity: 15000mAh
  • Charge output: 5V 4.8A (max 2.4A per port)
That's mammoth