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Getting WoW on my PC

By xKAMIKAZEx ยท 17 replies
Aug 13, 2006
  1. Hey everyone...

    I have a stock HP pavillion a400n, specs: (I dont know anything about specs so I google'd it and this is what it gave me)

    * Intel 2.7GHz Celeron Processor
    * 256MB PC2100 DDR Memory
    * 80GB Hard Drive
    * 16x DVD-ROM and 48x CD-RW Optical Drives
    * Integrated AC'97 Audio
    * Intel Extreme 3D Graphics with 64MB of Shared Video Memory
    * Windows XP Home Operating System

    The question is what do I need to buy so I can play World of Warcraft on it?

    Any help would be greatly apreciated.
  2. sw123

    sw123 TS Rookie Posts: 595

    I doubt it will play and if it does, it will be extremely laggy. You need a new video card and more RAM. Can you tell me if you have a PCI, AGP, PCI-e slot? Also, what kind of RAM do you have?

    xKAMIKAZEx TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I know it's gonna be crappy if I can even play it at all thats why I'm asking what I need to get before I get the game...

    for RAM type I found this "DDR SDRAM"

    and how do I find out the PCI, AGP, or PCI-e slot thing out?

    xKAMIKAZEx TS Rookie Topic Starter

  5. mailpup

    mailpup TS Special Forces Posts: 7,102   +419

    You could google for the information as I did and find out that you can only fit a PCI graphics card.
  6. Tenko

    Tenko TS Rookie Posts: 31

    Well your PC, will technically run it. The computer I am using right now can run it, if you can even call it that. This PC doesn't even meet minimum system requirements but I can still play WoW on it. Mine is a Dell Dimension 2400 with 2.8GHz processor, 35GB Hard Drive, and 32MB intigrated graphics. I cannot enter battlegrounds or major cities without the PC crashing because of lag. I can get playable frame rates away from any cities and in instances, but it definitly isn't fun.
    Also, whats your internet speed? My speed was 122Kbps when I played so with your specs it will be playable as long as your computer isn't full of junk (like mine) and you don't try and enter BGs or Ironforge or Ogrimmar. The other cities "should" be fine for you, although they will most likely still lag a bit.
    Also, with a PCI graphics card, it probably won't help that much because those are pretty much dead now. PCI-E is the kind you want, or even AGP, but you can't get either.
    Your computer meets the minimum requirements for WoW I'm pretty sure so it should run, just not very well at all. To check your internet speed go here -> Speed Test and to check if your PC passes the minimum requirements go here -> Requirements Test and select World of Warcraft off the list, download the thing, and report back with your internet speeds and requirment results. :D
    Good Luck
  7. Darth_Terra1

    Darth_Terra1 TS Rookie Posts: 212

    Because your using on board graphics it uses system RAM for graphical mem which in your case is 64mb so your overall system Ram would be 64mb less, having 256mb in total doesn't help as WOW needs at least 1GB for it to run smoothly and that's with a decent setup.
  8. sw123

    sw123 TS Rookie Posts: 595

    OK how mcuh power is in ur psu?

    If you have 250w, an nVidia GeForce FX5500 is fit

    If you have over 300w, an nVidia GeForce 6200 should cover it.

    As for RAM, you mite want another 256 MB stick or more.

    xKAMIKAZEx TS Rookie Topic Starter

    dl speed is 1286 kbps and upload speed is 306 kbps
    and i dont meet the requirments =/
    i need like 250 more RAM and a better video card

    so if PCI cards are pretty much dead.....how do i get one that works?
    or should i just get a new PC?[which would take a while....]
  10. mailpup

    mailpup TS Special Forces Posts: 7,102   +419

    That might not be a bad idea. The budget PC you have now is fine for most ordinary work or school applications, playing CDs or DVDs, or surfing the internet but it is not a gaming rig even though you can play some games with it. Efforts to turn it into a gaming rig wouldn't be worth it in my opinion. Even with the best PCI graphics card you will likely have trouble with the newest games. For a gaming PC you'll have to upgrade a lot of your other components besides your graphics card. Might as well leave your old one as a fully functional PC and build a new one. At least that's one way to go.
  11. xKAMIKAZEx

    xKAMIKAZEx TS Rookie Topic Starter

    very true
    but the thing is the only PC games that i ever play are wc3 and sc

    i dont really want a comp for PC gaming....i just wanna be able to play WoW too without spending too much money seeing how im still in high school and dont have a job =/

  12. mailpup

    mailpup TS Special Forces Posts: 7,102   +419

    Well, you mentioned maybe getting a new PC first. :) In that case, get the best PCI graphics card you can afford and do the best you can with it. But as sw123 said, you should get more RAM. A new power supply might be necessary after all that but wait and see.

    BTW, just in case, make sure you have an empty PCI slot available. You should but it can't hurt to check.
  13. xKAMIKAZEx

    xKAMIKAZEx TS Rookie Topic Starter

    so after i open and it stuff....whats it gonna look like? lol

    so do u think WoW is worth the 30 bucks and 15 bucks a month PLUS a graphics card thats good enough just for it [70-100 bucks maybe] and RAM[dont know how much that would run me]?
  14. Tenko

    Tenko TS Rookie Posts: 31

    Yeah, what Mailpup said :D
    Well, your internet is fine and it should play WoW with a better video card and more RAM. It probably won't play great, but it WILL play. Just some advice, try and stay out of BGs, major cities (ie. Ironforge, Ogrimmar), and 40-man raids. If get the RAM and video card it shouldn't lag in most places except the highly populated or graphic intensive ones.
    Also, like the other guys said try and save up for a new PC too, you can get a pretty good one nowadays for cheap. You can get one with gaming specs for around $700 and throw in a good video card (ie. X850XT or 7600GT) for another $150 or around there. If you can't get a new one then you could probably make it run on your current computer.
    Anyways, good luck :)

    Edit: Well, I've been looking around for decent PCI video cards and heres one that a guy is using that plays WoW at a steady 25 Fps which is pretty good. Video Card
    Also, the RAM will probably be between $70 and $100 also. If you want 1GB then maybe this would work? RAM
    It has good reviews and looks to be a pretty good product.

    Edit2: Also, here is a basic picture of RAM RAM Pic
    and a basic video card pic Video Card Pic

    Edit3: If you are wondering how to install it, you basically just turn off your computer, turn off your outlet strip if you have one, open up your case, turn off your PSU's power switch, plug the RAM in, turn on your PSU power, close the case, and turn on the PC. Make sure you keep yourself grounded though. (To ground yourself you can either buy a anti-static wrist strap or you can just touch something that you think would shock you if you had a lot of static electricity (ie. iron door nob, metal fosset, etc.). This makes it so that when you touch your video card or any other parts it doesn't conduct the electricity into it and fry it.) Here is a tutorial on installing video cards Tutorial and another one on how to install RAM Tutorial. It would probably take a half hour, or an hour to install both items. The main thing though is to touch something metal every 20 or so minutes to keep yourself grounded.
    Also, if you have any other questions just post them here and we'll try and help :)
  15. xKAMIKAZEx

    xKAMIKAZEx TS Rookie Topic Starter

    thanks ALOT.

    but yeah thanks to everyone whos been helpful
    and thanks for the pics of the RAM and the video card because i had no idea what they looked like lol
  16. Tenko

    Tenko TS Rookie Posts: 31

    It's no problem man, I was gonna build my own PC a little while ago but my parents wouldn't let me so I have to put a new video card into my PC too :) The PC is a pre-built though and not the one I wanted :( Haha, but anyways yeah, back to the topic! :p
  17. Tenko

    Tenko TS Rookie Posts: 31

    Oh, also. If your PC has integrated video, make sure that you disable that video, and enable your new video card. That video card looks like it should run WoW solidly even though its PCI. On the reviews a guy has that card and is running WoW on max settings with 30 Fps so it should work great for you. Just make sure your PC has a free PCI slot like Mailpup said.

    Edit: Whoops, sorry I should've just edited my other post, sorry :(

    Edit2: Oh, and don't forget to get the latest drivers with your video card.
  18. xKAMIKAZEx

    xKAMIKAZEx TS Rookie Topic Starter


    thanks alot dude

    im lost with computers lol
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