GF3 Ti200 in Counter Strike, frame rate suffers help plz!

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I switched from voodoo3 to GF3 ti200 but i not seeing any increase in frame rate... its still running around 25-40 fps depends on what is on the screen.

Is this suppose to be like this on counter strike or did i mess of on something?

Any help or info will be greatly appreciated.


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Hard one

Maybe we could help you if we had some more info about your system.

What drivers are you using also ?

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When I upgraded to a GeForce2 Pro from a Voodoo 3 3000 the only difference I noticed was that the framerate didn't drop when someone threw a smoke grenade anymore and that I could play at 32bit color. It sounds like your system may be the bottleneck because my system stays at 99 fps 90% of the time.

Duron 750@1Ghz, Epox 8KTA3, 256MB pc133, 64MB GeForce2 Pro 200\400, 30GB 7200rpm ATA100 Western Digital HDD
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Thx for welcome Didou

sorry for not posting my system specs:

AMD Duron 900
FIC AZ11E motherboard
mem 256 meg pc100
GeForce3 Ti 200 64 Meg
40 gig hd - 7200rpm Western Digital ATA100
SB pci 128 sound card

I follow the planet-halflife tweak setting and i changed from direct3d to open_gl... I dont know if it was tweak or just changing over to open_gl... now getting 60 fps consistantly.

Supra: that was what i was getting... from voodoo3 to gf3 ti200 only thing i notice was i didnt lag with smoke gernade.... and i thought gf3 was direct3d card so i switch it over to direct3d and was only getting 20 to 40 fps.

thx for input guys...:) :)


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Make sure that you have removed the Voodoo drivers from your computer completely.
It might even be worth reinstalling CS.


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do a search on all 3dfx*.* files & delete them. Search for glide*.* too

HL always worked better with OpenGL for me, even when I had a VooDoo2 (MiniGL) or VooDoo3 (ICD). You should stick to OpenGL whenever you have the choice.

I've heard a lot of people even prefer OpenGL in UnrealT. It's supposed to be much nicer with the s3tc textures. Maybe not faster but nicer ;)

Hope that helps...


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Since you had a Voodoo 3 I assumed that you were using openGL, not Direct3D. Direct3D in counter-strike is terrrible no matter what system you play it on. In your cstrike folder, go into your config.cfg file for CS, find a command called fps_max "xx". Replace the "xx" with 100 and it should raise your framerate even more.

Duron 750@1Ghz, Epox 8KTA3, 256MB pc133, 64MB GeForce2 Pro 200\400, 30GB 7200rpm ATA100 Western Digital HDD
i dont know if you got this prob fixed but this might work...

first open two windows in c drive then type this in one of the address fields:

then in the other one type this in the address field:
C:\Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\\half-life\gldrv

now, in system32 look for the file labeled "nvoglnt.dll", without the "

copy it

go to the Half-Life folder then paste it in the gldrv folder.
After that you will need to modify the file drvmap so make a copy first.
In the file, type:
Default Default
gldrv/nvoglnt.dll OpenGL Driver
making that the only thing in the file, doing this will allow you to use OpenGL, the thing about steam is, it defaults to 3dfx so you have to manually change it.

I hope that helps...


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LIFEline said:
... the thing about steam is, it defaults to 3dfx so you have to manually change it.
There is no 3dfx support whatsoever in steam/cs1.6, and with the default opengl driver on 3dfx cards, they will be forced into software rendering.

Also, please don't post the same solution to 2 different threads, especially when it is not even correct.

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Erm i found the system32 file but thats it i couldnt find any of the others any other ides my ping goes to around 1500 on a 768k connection but only when i enter the game on the server screen the latency is 40 or something like that please help.
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What kind of videocard do you have? If you have an Nvidia card there WILL be a file named "nvoglnt.dll" in the system32 FOLDER. When you find that file you copy it to the gldrv folder that LIFEline listed.
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