GF3ti200 with oldergames display corruption

By Lucky Strike
Feb 10, 2005
  1. Hey's all,.

    This comp has a GF3 ti200 64mb card on it, drivers are DirectX 9.0c and the Forceware Drivers 66.93. This older system is running a few older games, i installed C&C Generals and Vice City on it and they run fine. Now my poblem is that in some other games that let's say 50% of all rendered poly's go beserk, they seem to flicker on and off or do not display at all. The attachement is an example of the problem in NFS Porsche. U can see in the sample pic the floor is missing, it pop's in and out of screen all the time. Same go for the parts of the car.

    So, i tryed playing with the setting's of my vid's driver and directx.and reinstalling forceware drivers and DX9 also didnt help. Anyone got a solution or a bit of help im lost here and NFS.PU really rocks my world.

    I have not tryed this though, downgrading DirectX...
    I've heard that DX9.0c isnt *all that*. True? should i downgrade to DX9.0b or DX8?

    The Netherlands

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  2. bushwhacker

    bushwhacker TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 783

    Ouch, that is some of nasty bug. You should have this installed...

    Start with Microsoft DirectX 7.0 if possible then upgrade it to 8.1b (Maxminum stable available)
    nVIDIA ForceWare v56.72

    ALSO use ForceWare setting in windows, turn off both the Anti-alising and Astrophic setting. It is bad enough for your GF3 TI200. Have NFS.PU set the video setting in software if possible or set the all detail in medium.

  3. Lucky Strike

    Lucky Strike TS Rookie Topic Starter

    You're a miracle, i first started using the 57. forceware drivers and they work!!
    Didnt even had to downgrade to directx anything :)
    I also didnt know that the drivers above 57.62 were not even nessessary (typo?) if u had like me a gf3ti200. I was alwasy thinking Yay!! New forceware drivers, Better performance!...... Not!! ^^ o well..

    Time for some mod spotting :p

    The Netherlands.
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