Ghost images getting bigger?

By StateGuy
Oct 11, 2010
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  1. In my office we use XP Pro on Dell machines. When we get a new model in, we slap our copy (with license) of XP Pro (SP3) on there then do updates (Windows, A/V, various softwares). After that, we use Ghost to create an image on our image server.

    The list of programs:
    -Office 2003 (with 2007 Comp patches)
    -Nero 8
    -Photo Story 3
    -PDF Creator
    -Power DVD
    -CA A/V
    -RealPlayer Codec

    With all of this, the last image I created (for the Dell Optiplex 780) was 8 gigs. By comparison, an image I created for the 755 in February was only 5-6gigs.

    Why are my images getting so big so fast? Are empty spaces on the HDD copied as well if a defrag isn't done beforehand? (just shooting in the dark on that one)
  2. jobeard

    jobeard TS Ambassador Posts: 11,177   +990

    consider: reading the description of the restore operation,
    the MBR
    the primary partition
    and all other partitions​
    get restored.
    This kind of bothers me as the image could have only contained One-of-N partitions,
    but the drive is reformatted and then recovered.

    The MBR and the partition tables are not within any partition per se, so at least SOME
    data is captured on a per structure basis - - carefully worded to avoid per sector,
    as that would capture bad sectors that have been remapped (not the right thing to do).

    IMO; your image sizes would reflect the raw size of the HDD from which they were captured
    and may or may not have sensitivity to freespace

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