Gmail Invites for Grabs


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Hi, guys. I have some FREE Gmail (Google Mail) invites for anyone who wants one. Just post a reply to this message with your email address that I can send the invite to.
Rest assured, once I send you the Gmail invite, your email address will be erased from my database immediatley.

I have about 30 of them avaliable at the moment, so reply with your email address that I can send the invite to.

The best part is that they are free! Forget purchasing one on ebay, you can get the free now!


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Yeah i know .. lol. I got my gmail invite from another site like that one.. but I figured that since I have some to get rid of, I might as well try. What have I got to lose?


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chessonly said:
u r quite late dude
It's still nice that he is offering, though. :cool:

I have to admit that I haven't heard anyone ask for a Gmail account in a few months! :approve: And to think, people were bidding on Gmail invites on Ebay when they first were publically available.


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So what's cool abt a gail invite now. isnoop gives an instant invite, so if u really wanna help give that link.


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what all the hoopla??

What is so special about gmail anyways? I go an invite about 5 months ago. Tryed it, found nothing that special about it, maybe its just me.
Do you still have gmail account?

Hi! Lost my gmail account info when I didn't use it for the longest time. Do you have a link still for me to get a new one? Thanks!!


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Alright, I sent it. Remember, I have deleted your email address now so you will never get spam or hear from me again. Enjoy!


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A 14 year old thread, gosh, never post your email address in a public forum. A good way to get spam, if not other stuff.