Good old STEAM. Any suggestions/ideas?

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Jan 12, 2006
  1. ok. here's the deal. i recently upgraded my hard drive, from IDE to SATA. now i copied the contents of my IDE hard drive to my SATA hard drive, but forgot the registry files. henceforth when i started steam, weirdly it only recognized that all the old school half life, and cs was installed, and curiously 5% of hl2 deathmatch. saying that cs source, and hl2 and the likes weren't installed, even though they were in the correct directory. now i went to reinstall, but copied the game files to a different location, and reinstalled the whole lot again, and copied the game files back across, to save having to update them all again, now pretty much same issue again. so i try using steam, and going and clicking on install game, plenty of hard drive space, and basically steam turns around and tells me i dont have enough hard drive space. what should i do to fix this problem??? this is getting annoying. the only thing i can think of is to completely remove it, and start from scratch, reinstall the whole lot and see if it will allow me to update all the games... other than this, is there any other scenario that someone can think of that'll help me out? thanks
  2. Phyphor

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    Did u copy everything over from the steam apps folders?
  3. Phyphor

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  4. Cartz

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    If you're on broadband, it shouldn't take that long to download everything. I just reinstalled hl2 cs:s and lost coast yesterday, all via Steam's digital distribution. I started it when I left for work at 9:10am and it was ready to go when I got home at 6...

    I wish they would release some other good titles for Steam, stuff like Darwinia and Rag Doll Kung Fu cheapens the service... It really could be a replacement for gaming stores if they play their cards right. Plus it is significantly cheaper to buy a game from Steam.

    They need to get another major Studio onboard, imagine if they had distro'd Civilization 4 or NFSMW through Steam...
  5. antjscott

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    yeah i copied the whole steam apps folder across... i think i'm just gonna have to leave it overnight to download from steam from scratch.... oh well... got a cs source lan party tomorrow night... gotta get a bit of practice in so i dont get fully carved up in it.... thanks guys for ur suggestions/input.
  6. Mictlantecuhtli

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    You can validate Steam files following the instructions here.
  7. MaXtor

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    Like Mictlantecuhtli just said, validate your GCFs. If they are all Valid, and you are still having problems, try the following...
    Go into your SteamApps folder and cut your GCFs to the desktop or someother place. Uninstall Steam then delete the Steam folder. Install the latest version of Steam from the Steam website, then copy you GCFs back into your SteamApps folder, if Steam is open, close it, then reopen it. It should detected your GCFs and you will be able to install the games.
  8. Phyphor

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    Sorry for the rubbish advice, 4got about validating GCF's!! Good job someone else was paying attention :) Had to do tht so many times on Steam as well!
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