Good TV Tuner card?

By TorturedChaos
Oct 19, 2009
  1. Well I'm looking to get a good TV tuner card for my PC, but I don't really know what a 'good' card is. Spent some time on newegg, and I'm guess im looking at about $50.00 for the card, which I can do. But don't really know which one is a good one :p.

    What I want to do is record a couple of old VHS's to my computer, and be able to record off my cable tv.

    PCI or PCI-E x1 doesn't really matter I have 3 open of each. I would assume that PCI-E would be better since its a faster bus.

    As for the computer its going it, it should be listed in my profile, but i'm running 2gigs of ram, Intel 8400 OCC to 3.6GHz, and an EVGA 9800gt graphics card.

    so any suggestion from people more knowledgeable than me?
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