Google adds a group plan option to Project Fi wireless service

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Google’s Project Fi on Tuesday introduced a group plan that makes it easier to manage multiple users (and cheaper, too).

Project Fi’s new offering allows for up to six people on a single account. Each line starts at $15 per month for unlimited talk and text (down from $20) and just like with individual plans, buckets of data are available for $10 per 1GB. As always, if you don’t use all of your data in a given month, the difference will be refunded on your next bill.

Google is quick to point out that the group plan isn’t strictly for families meaning you can just as easily invite friends to join as well. Members are free to join or leave a plan as they see fit without having to worry about contracts or early termination fees.

If you are using a group plan for your family, the account manager can view the data usage of each member and even set data allowances to keep users (kids) from going overboard. Data usage is even broken down on a per-app basis so you can see exactly which apps are the biggest data hogs.

Google launched its Project Fi wireless service in April of 2015 albeit on an invite-only basis. The search giant has since removed that limitation and added U.S. Cellular to its list of MVNO partners (joining Sprint and T-Mobile).

Perhaps the only shortcoming with the service is that it’s currently limited to Google’s own devices – the Nexus 5X, the Nexus 6P and the new Pixel series smartphones. Google recently removed the two Nexus devices from its online store although they still seem to be available if purchased through the Project Fi website.

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What is the coverage like for GoogleFi? AT&T seems to always have the best coverage, even in remote areas. I recently went on a trip and I had service while my friends with Tmobile had no service.

Just wondering if anyone has attempted camping with GoogleFi service and if you had service in remote areas?


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This is a really old project, wish they would include option to buy on their "150+" countries to use this, it looks good in essence.