Google and Levi's show off their upcoming smart jacket


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An increasing number of things are becoming “smart;” from fridges to entire homes, it seems companies won’t be happy until everything has connectivity features. One thing we’re starting to see more of is connected clothing, and thanks to Google’s partnership with Levi's, which was announced at Google I/O last year, we’ll soon see a new smart jacket.

The companies’ technology, codenamed Project Jacquard, will be used in the ‘Commuter’ jacket so wearers can perform actions such as answer phone calls, control music, and get navigation instructions from Google maps just by touching the interactive surface on the garment’s sleeve.

Google's Advanced Technology and Products (ATAP) group showed off the Commuter at this year’s I/O conference. The Jacket has a Jacquard sensor under the cuff which connects to the haptics and LED. It’s even possible to configure which gestures work with which applications.

As you can see in the video, the jacket is designed primarily for cyclists, who can operate it safely while riding. Thankfully, it’s machine washable as long as you take out the sensor, which is charged through USB.

As well as working with Google Maps and Google Play Music, there will also be support for third-party apps, including Spotify, Strava, and other fitness applications.

We still don’t know how much the Jacket will cost, but Levi's is set to launch it in Spring 2017 following a “beta test” period this fall. Google plans to collaborate with a number of other clothing manufacturers to incorporate Project Jacquard technology into their garments, so expect to see even more Smart clothes arrive next year.

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And soon, coming to a store near you will be the smart underwear that shouts out "watch out, he's about to rip one" .. so all in the immediate area can vacate and save their olfactory glands. Of course, this will be subject to abuse and for those with IBS a more long lasting battery will be needed, but in the long run humanity will sing it's praises ....


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Honestly, I hate concept videos. I'm not impressed by seeing someone tapping on a jacket or a wall and words popping up on the screen telling me what'll happen when you do that or seeing images thrown onto the screen through video editing. I'm only impressed by real results. I'll take a half working product video over a concept video any day. I'm an investor...come to me with real world results, not a drawing board. Show me what's currently working, and what's being glitchy because you haven't fully finished the work on it yet. Glitchy means you've at least started the work.


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Hey, it's only in beta right now. I'll wait and see what it can actually do when they release it and for how much.