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Google brings Google Maps Navigation to more Android devices

By Justin ยท 19 replies
Nov 24, 2009
  1. Google is giving more attention to Android users this week as they push Google Maps Navigation out to additional Android devices. Google announced that GPS navigation software is now available to any device running Android 1.6 or higher. This includes older devices such as the T-Mobile G1 and myTouch 3G. Only phones running Android 2.0 or higher were capable of running the software prior to this development, leaving many older handsets in the cold.

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  2. codefeenix

    codefeenix TS Rookie Posts: 39

    sounds like bad news to tom-tom's and similar companies stock.
  3. Xclusiveitalian

    Xclusiveitalian TS Evangelist Posts: 766   +137

    Love the idea of using the phone as a gps, maybe this will make the real gps drop there prices and then I can afford one.
  4. matchu

    matchu TS Enthusiast Posts: 100

    I wonder if the phone's built-in gps is as accurate as an actual GPS device, though. This would be a huge issue if you were driving in a densely populated metropolitan area. You'd get so loss with all the roads going about.
  5. Puiu

    Puiu TS Evangelist Posts: 3,171   +1,613

    This is why google became so successful. Give people a lot of free stuff and make them worship you. After that you can offer them some paid services too.
    I hope this will make regular GPS devices drop their prices a bit because they are too expensive. (although i'm pretty sure that they won't)
  6. Razerblade

    Razerblade TS Rookie Posts: 117

    I really wish they would bring this out for Windows Mobile. It looks really good, especially with it being free! Hopefully they will bring it out as Google maps is already available for it! Come on Google do your thing!
  7. Hyperian

    Hyperian TS Rookie Posts: 25

    killing all the stocks lol, also bring this to webOS :)
  8. ajickes

    ajickes TS Rookie

    Very cool! Map navigation tools for free - thanks to Google! I just wish I already had one of those Android phones... maybe this Christmas I'll finally get one.
  9. yangly18

    yangly18 TS Rookie Posts: 187

    yup, just like one of the guys said above, give them free stuff and they will worship you. Google definatly knows what they are doing by giving free GPS to every user out there- they are selling out phones like crazy. I still dont have a GPS for my car, and if the gps on the android is as fast to update routes as it is on a tom-tom, you can bet that I will be using the android for my traveling needs. I'm hoping that it is world-wide gps though, since I don't really want to put update map packs on the phone if I don't need to.
  10. yorro

    yorro TS Booster Posts: 251

    Kudos to Google for bringing this App to the market, but also making it compatible to older phones.
  11. freedomthinker

    freedomthinker TS Enthusiast Posts: 140

    I can't say anything just that google is awesome ! They always make these things awesome , yet free !
  12. DJ83

    DJ83 TS Enthusiast Posts: 33

    I love my nokia device, and have been using a symbian phone since 2001, would love to give andriod a try on a nokia device.
  13. Kibaruk

    Kibaruk TechSpot Paladin Posts: 3,641   +1,107

    I have been wanting to try Android for a while now, I own an Acer Aspire One netbook and read they are shipping new AODs with Android and wish someone reading here know how to make it dual booting, if possible.

    Leaving that aside, maps navigations from google is a really good utility.
  14. z00lander

    z00lander TS Rookie

    All the news about Android makes me want one but I am tied to Sprint and they don't have a phone with 2.0, yet. I might make the switch when and if they do.
  15. swilllx2p

    swilllx2p TS Rookie Posts: 127

    I'm looking at upgrading my phone anytime now...does anyone know if at&t offers any phone with android capable of this, that isnt to expensive with a 2yr agreement?
  16. pomonasi

    pomonasi TS Rookie Posts: 32

    i actually heard this app brought stock prices down for a lot of the GPS companies... they must be doing something right
  17. levar

    levar TS Rookie Posts: 220

    Don't know of one mate, but anyways this is very nice, I'm acutally looking forward on using Google Maps my 2yr contract with Verizon ends next yr Jan. looking forward on getting my hands on the DROID.
  18. manintech

    manintech TS Rookie Posts: 46

    There must be a lot of companies want to kill google now
  19. LookinAround

    LookinAround Ex Tech Spotter Posts: 6,430   +185

    I think it gets even worse. I think a close look at Google Maps reveals its impact will be even far more reaching. Google Maps not only competes with nav device providers (like Tom-Tom and Garmin) but will also hurt the two major nav map data providers: TeleAtlas and Navteq.

    Originally, Google bought its street level map data from both TeleAtlas and Navteq
    • Then, in September, 2008 Google announced it would get all its US data from TeleAtlas (even though Navteq was considered to have better data for the US market)
    • And now it looks like Google has discarded TeleAtlas as well. It appears it is now using its own Street Level data it collected itself. (Take a look at Google maps. You only see the Google copyright. You no longer see either a TeleAtlas or NavTeq copyright)

    => Google's deep pockets and hoards of cash
    => Google's offering free map navi apps on Android devices (hurting Tom-Tom et al)
    => Google's cutting out the map providers (TeleAtlas and NavTeq) and maybe even reselling its data to compete with them as well
    Sounds to me like we'll be hearing news of lawsuits soon claiming unfair business practices and antitrust.

    Btw: As of a couple years ago
    > Tom-Tom bought TeleAtlas (so it becomes a double "whammy" for Tom-Tom!)
    > Nokia bought Navteq
  20. jerry53

    jerry53 TS Rookie Posts: 25

    we all love the android now it just got a little better happy for the android phone users as people know google brings a lot to that particular platform.
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