Google Docs adds support for 12 new file formats


TS Rookie
The Google Docs Viewer is already used by Google users to quickly view PDFs, Word documents, and PowerPoint presentations. Now, the search giant has rolled out support for 12 new file types, rounding out support for the major Microsoft Office file types as well as many of the most popular document and image types:

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TS Rookie
That took longer than I thought it would...
Never the less Google will always have a place in my search bar..;)



TS Evangelist
Missed the boat again, google. What, no .eml format? Still can't open those forwarded .eml attachments in gmail? I even suggested it to them. Maybe they should put back the "beta" label. How many applications for employment do they get a month? Even have script errors in gmail. I'm certain I could do a better job. Got to still keep outlook.