Google expands, rebrands same-day delivery service as Google Express

Shawn Knight

TechSpot Staff
Staff member
Google Express, the company's same-day delivery service that was formerly known as Google Shopping Express, is expanding. Starting today, Google Express is available in Boston, Chicago and Washington D.C., bringing the same-day service to more than seven million people (nearly 12...

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Nigerian Prince
I remember having to order bearings from California in the 90s and it took close to two weeks to receive it. Earlier this year I ordered some stuff from amazon that came from Colorado and it was here in 3 days with free shipping


Interesting, in Central Europe happens everything backwards, in 80s everything delivered on next day and everybody called simple delivery instead of next day delivery but nowadays this need 2-3 days. In 80s was incredible cheap but now horrible price. Since Post use computers slowed down everything.


TS Evangelist
I wonder why Google uses a parachute as it's express symbol... I would've thought the last thing you'd want is parachute that delivers you or your goods to terra firma at an express rate of knots.