Google goes mainstream with Haswell-based Chromebooks

Shawn Knight

TechSpot Staff
Staff member
Google on Wednesday announced a new wave of Chromebooks powered by Intel’s battery-sipping Haswell processors. The search giant revealed the new machines at the Intel Developer Forum in San Francisco where they claim new generation models will ship with battery...

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Good luck keeping any of your information private operating "in the cloud" now that the NSA is busy dismantling internet security.


TS Maniac
It is not a Windows replacement... yet Chromebooks are getting native apps I hear. Only a matter of time before there are interesting app made by many developers. Few years maybe after the initial push.


TS Ambassador
Might as well make it an Androidbook instead since that works on tablets and smartphone why the push for expensive Chromebooks still. I won't buy one and the Chrome-stick option to turn netbook into a Chromebook still leaves room for error.