Google is banning sugar daddy apps from the Play Store


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This is just stupid. If selling sex for money or gifts or services is against the law..... close Hollywod!!! Immediately!! No more Hollywood, Bollywood, or WhateverWood movies. Everything works on sex and money there. Also, all the pretty wives of rich guys should be confiscated and nationalized. And also, modelling agencies. Close them now! They are basically front-ends for prostitution.

Oh, wait. The problem is that prostitution is not allowed for poor people. And now for upper middle class people. It's only legal for the very rich, right?


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Or am looking at it from the wrong angle. Could it be just money?

Yeah... it was Tinder, right? They've made a deal with Google to remove their competitors, so that all the prostitutes can return to Tinder. Just like it used to be before. Google won't kick out Tinder for serving exactly the same clientele as their competitors, right? Of course not.


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Sugar daddy sites, the most prominent of which is Seeking Arrangement (SA), are legal. SA used to have it so that the sugar babies could list how much financial compensation they were looking for, but the site did away with that, probably because it made it look more like prostitution.

It's up for debate whether sugar daddy sites are technically "facilitating prostitution."

Sugar babies would object to being called prostitutes.


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Dating for money.... I do believe that this is called "prostitution" and is illegal in most of the world. I don't think that it should be, but it is, especially in the ALL-IMPORTANT Excited States of 'Murica (outside of Nevada IIRC). Remember that Backpage and Craigslist got in major trouble for certain "adult ads" that were listed on them. If you allow "Sugar-Parenting" to go on, it would just be another case of "The laws of the land do not apply to the rich." and that's even worse than prostitution being illegal.
Isn't that almost like, marriage, these days?