Google looks to sell Project Ara modular smartphones for $50


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Google's Advanced Technology and Projects (ATAP) group is still hard at work on Project Ara, a modular smartphone that would allow users to swap out and replace certain parts at will. The company is hoping that entry-level Project Ara devices...

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Nice idea for people like me that like to tinker with electronics (electronics degree, ham radio operator), but would the general public, "upgrade" their camera, processor, etc? Heck, just walking around any electronics area of big box stores, I'm surprised most people can tie their own shoes. ;)


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Best thing about this is the prospect of upgrading phone internals without having to replace the screen, since the capacitive touchscreen seems to be one of the most costly parts. Hopefully they'll also make different sized enclosures to fit different-sized screens.


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$50?! Am I missing something here? Compare this to the PC builder market. The market for PC builders is the enthusiast market. They spend as much on a video card as regular consumers do on their whole computer. How are they going to market an enthusiast-level product with bare-bones tech? The whole point of building your PC is getting one that fits your needs exactly, and it's almost always better off in some areas than what you could buy pre-made. I can't imagine the fun of building your own phone is going to trump the fact that it's going to be a piece of junk next to the Galaxy S whatever from two years ago.

Yeah, I know... it's only the first step, and maybe it'll improve over time. But c'mon... who's going to buy this thing?


Mike - the way I see it is $50 will get you a very basic barebones phone. Look at it as a case and fans. Enthusiasts will probablystill b able to blow an additional $200 on a quad core processor, $400 on a larger screen and $200 on an f1.4 camera.