Google Maps' search nearby feature is back

Himanshu Arora

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Google has finally returned the incredibly useful 'search nearby' feature to Google Maps. The feature disappeared with the Google Maps redesign, which the company officially rolled out to all users last month. Amidst all of yesterday's April fool jokes, the...

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I can't begin to explain the grief this small stupid change caused me.

The function absolutely did "go away", and no longer worked the same way.

On some google forums they tried to "explain the new way" to "search nearby" as if it was a simple matter of educating us morons on how to use the function. However, the way they described using the function it didn't work properly and didn't yield the results you would want.

I'm glad they changed it back.


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The feature disappeared with the Google Maps redesign.
Along with any sort of intuitive usability. Anyone else annoyed at their redesign? I was glad they let us switch to classic view for a while, but I still haven't figured out much of the basic stuff. Google's idea of 'simplify' often means getting rid of options or hiding labels.

Ever since Google redesigned Maps, the company has received a lot of flak on social networks, with users complaining about the disappearance of the feature.
I wonder how many of those people also complain about Google tracking their location. :)