Google message "this site may harm your computer"

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Jan 31, 2009
  1. Hi. This morning I went to to search for some random topic. The return from google listed under every webpage title, "this site may harm your computer". I switched users on the computer and it was still there for the google search engine. I have another laptop downstairs and it also has the same issue. The computers are not on the same network, hardwired, but are connected to a wireless router. I then went to yahoo to use their search engine and there is no issue. I was able to go to any website. Is there an issue with google today? Thanks!
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    From Google News January 31, 2009

    Internet search service malfunctioned for nearly 55 minutes Saturday morning, upending users around the world with search results that carried false safety warnings and Web links that did not work.

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    Google Statement ( company acknowledged Saturday that all searches produced links with the same warning message: “This site may harm your computer.” Clicking on any of the links led to an error message stating that the desired site could not be reached.

    “What happened?” Google explained in its blog. “Very simply, human error.”
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    Thanks everyone. I guess I was luck enough to be searching around that time and thought I had been hacked! Thanks again.
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