Google no longer interested in opening retail store in NYC

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We’ve been hearing for years that Google intended to open a network of brick-and-mortar retail stores across the US. The search giant went so far as to lease a 5,442-square-foot space in SoHo (a neighborhood in Lower Manhattan) last year and spent $6 million renovating it but now, the company has reportedly decided against moving in.

Crain’s has it on good authority that Google now wants to sublease the ground-floor space for $2.25 million per year.

Whoever takes Google up on the sublease will have a very nice property on their hands. The renovation process included removing a part of the ground floor to create a sunken area in the rear. Skylights and loads of large windows will provide plenty of natural lighting while the natural brick, columns and steel beams retain the space’s character and history.

Why the sudden change of heart? Your guess is as good as mine.

The Greene Street location is a high-traffic, upscale shopping district with brands like Tiffany and Louis Vuitton occupying nearby space. Google wouldn’t have been the only tech brand on the block as Sonos, makers of high-end wireless audio devices, recently acquired space just a few doors down.

Just last week, Microsoft opened a massive flagship store on New York’s fifth avenue a couple of blocks down from Apple’s renowned glass cube store.

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Maybe they've just figured out, apart from a few phones they don't have a physical product to sell so why sell those devices from an upscale multi million buck building when acquiring a cheapo, portable sidewalk stall you can accomplish the same thing.