Google Play Store will no longer notify users when an app has been updated


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Despite the wealth of granular controls for managing notifications on our smartphones, the tiny bits of information and alerts can still get overwhelming sometimes, requiring plenty of unnecessary swipes from the user.

Google has taken another step in reducing this clutter and will no longer display Play Store notifications that inform users of when an app has been updated. Apparently, the change had been undergoing testing since November, leading several users to believe that it was a bug, irrespective of their preference for auto or manual app updates.

While the notifications did come back later in December, they disappeared again this week. The confusion was addressed recently by Google when it officially reached out to Android Police to confirm that the change was, in fact, an intended feature and not a bug.

Google's decision would ultimately result in a fewer number of notifications. However, users who like to be particular about app updates and the associated information (changelog, improvements) will need to dig slightly deeper by manually going to the 'My apps & games' section in the Play Store.

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I'm not mad really. It's annoying some times considering how often develops push updates. Even more-so when your phone has failed to pull the updates for whatever reason and all of a sudden you have 40 "update has been installed" notifications in your phone.
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I always disable automatic updates. And I'm not getting any notifications. But a few months ago I installed Kaspersky AV that will scan any app updates and I now get daily popups from that, that Google and Google Play Store have been updated. I was convinced I had a virus/malware (possibly an app pretending to be the play store) but maybe it was just Google doing its testing.


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I've been using an iFruit device for the past 4 years, but I've had Android mostly. The updates finished left on the notification screen was the worst. Eventually I turned off PlayStore notifications altogether. Really, They are just defaulting that setting and now considered a "feature" even though it already was one. Settings are there for people's personal preference. I think the app install and update glitching out like that will be annoying when you need to click on one of those notifications, but who knows.