Google releases Google Docs app for Android


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Google has announced and released a Google Docs app for Android. The new app makes it easier to filter and search for your content across any Google account, then jump straight into editing a given document using the online mobile editors. The app also allows you to easily share documents with contacts on your phone. The app is available in English on Android 2.1+ phones; you can grab it now from the Android Market.

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Nice, now I can get rid of my acquired copy of Documents2go. The OCR will be good for books that I read at home but wont have on me at work during my lunch break. Just hope it can compile from some of the text. Wonder if Google will also do pictures as some of the books I read have maps, descriptor pictures, etc.


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"Take a photo of printed text and convert it to a Google document."
"Share docs with your phone's contacts."

Now that is some interesting innovation and very convenient too.On a related note,
I cant remember :( but I saw a tv advertisement some time back showing the very same feature on some platform,which too I can't remember....... :(