Google, Samsung unveil Chromebook, Chromebox with Chrome OS 19

Matthew DeCarlo

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Google has redoubled its efforts behind Chrome OS, unveiling two new Samsung-built machines today. Launched last May, the company's first cloud-based systems were scarcely marketed and were largely dismissed as...

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I'd like to know a lot more information about these devices but I don't want to do any research on them at all. I know what I can do with a Windows computer, I'd like to be convinced that it's worth it to learn about google's OS.

Can a chrome book be networked to a windows computer? Does it have native support to play all kinds of video formats? What kind of music playing software is compatible with it, are there choices or just one? Will this work as an HTPC and scale well to a 50 inch tv? How in the crap would one go about trouble shooting this thing?

At the price point, the Chromebox would be a decent thought as a HTPC in the living room, but only if I can network it to my real computer and access my library of movies and music in a manner that isn't frustrating.

Anyone have any answers? Anyone rocking a Chromebook or anything like that?


Have you considered typing these questions into a Google search box?