Google sets trap for Flash exploiters, crashes Chrome for users


TS Evangelist
Last month, Google patched a critical Flash-based vulnerability which could allow hackers to circumvent Chrome's often trumpeted sandbox security feature. The update capped the maximum number of Flash JIT (just-in-time)…

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Is hacking copywrited software and selling it to the highest bidder even legal? Can't they just sue Vupen?


TS Forces Special
I don't think you guys read the entire article:
Regardless of how Vupen did it, they managed to bypass Google's clever trap. Unfortunately, that very same trap inadvertently crashed Chrome for some legitimate users.


I call BS on this my flash still crashes no matter what!!!!!!!!!
I have never exploited flash and don't see why I would need to and my flash somehow uses 1GB of memory most of the time and it crashes my chrome -.-