Google's Project Fi service now offers data coverage in 170 countries

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Google wants you to have one less thing to worry about on your next trip. The search giant on Thursday announced its Project Fi cellular service has been expanded to include data coverage in 170 countries and territories including destinations like Myanmar and Belize.

As Google Product Manager Jean Choi highlights, the data you use abroad costs the same as the data used in the US - $10 per GB used (although things get a bit more complicated if you use Google’s recently announced Bill Protection feature). A complete list of locations covered by Project Fi can be found over on Project Fi's rates page.

Gmail users will receive an added benefit as Project Fi can let you know ahead of time if you’re “covered on your next trip based on your upcoming international flights from Gmail.” As Choi notes, users will receive a notification in the Project Fi app shortly before a trip that shows coverage options and costs.

The feature will be enabled by default although you can turn it off in your account settings. That’s good news because personally, the feature sounds a bit intrusive.

Google launched its Project Fi mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) service in April 2015. Originally invite-only and limited to Nexus 6 owners, the service shed its invitation limitation a year later. It relies on service provided by Sprint, T-Mobile, U.S. Cellular and Three and automatically switches between networks depending on signal strength and speed.

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20$ for unlimited calls and messaging + 10$ per GB
and reduced speed for every GB after the 15th GB? --No thanks

in Israel you can get unlimited calls and messaging + 20 GB for 7.5$

or you can get unlimited calls and messaging + 100GB for 12$
while a 3-20$ cheaper then the competition ISP is included
and you can add 6$ to get a basic TV service similar to Netflix.


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20$ for unlimited calls and messaging + 10$ per GB
and reduced speed for every GB after the 15th GB? --No thanks
Good for you! In Canada mobile networks are freakingly expensive, unlimited local for CAD$49 and 1GB for $21, 2GB for $24 and 4GB for $35, from a reputable network provider. The average is around $70 for something decent (Before taxes).
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In the US though Project Fi cannot be beaten. Getting my unused data back in cash is superior to only getting it back in "minutes."