GoPro launches Fetch harness for man's best friend

Shawn Knight

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GoPro cameras have been used to film the exploits of humans for years. Now, it's time to turn the camera over to man's best friend as GoPro recently released a harness with mounts for our furry four-legged pals.

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"Call me crazy but I could see this being a solid product for use in K9 law enforcement as well."

Lets get cameras on the pigs before we worry about the dogs.


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I have been looking for a decent mount for my dog when hunting. That price tag isn't appealable. I have been using the chest mount for humans on my dog and it seems to do the trick.. for half the value!


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So tech manufacturers are not just satisfied with trying to get us to wear all sorts of ridiculous looking appendages, they're trying to get us to get our animals involved as well?
This would only make sense to me in certain sectors such as law enforcement and search and rescue, not recreation.


"Lets get cameras on the pigs before we worry about the dogs."

You should have a lot more respect for law enforcement. If not, you are welcome to leave the country. Don't let the door hit you on the way out!