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GoPro recalls all Karma drones due to power issue

By Scorpus ยท 5 replies
Nov 8, 2016
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  1. GoPro has pulled off a classic 'bad news dump' during the US presidential election, announcing that it is recalling its Karma drone just a few weeks after it went on sale.

    The company has been forced to recall the Karma after it discovered that, in a "small number of cases", the drone lost power during operation. There are no reports of injuries or damage due to the issue, however GoPro are currently investigating the problem along with the US Consumer Product Safety Commission and the Federal Aviation Administration.

    Around 2,500 Karma units are affected, meaning the recall applies to all Karma drones sold so far. GoPro is asking customers to return their drone for a full refund, as they are not offering replacement units just yet. Shipments of the Karma will resume "once the issue is addressed."

    The recall has already hurt GoPro's stock price, which fell by over six percent in after hours trading. And it couldn't come at a worse time for the company, which reported terrible third quarter financial results, including an overall loss and a 40 percent year-on-year decline in revenue.

    GoPro CEO Nick Woodman said in a statement that they "are very sorry to have inconvenienced our customers and we are taking every step to make the return and refund process as easy as possible."

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  2. Uncle Al

    Uncle Al TS Evangelist Posts: 5,504   +3,897

    Poor GoPro looks to be ending the year on another bad note ...... hope they survive!
    wastedkill likes this.
  3. Steve

    Steve TechSpot Editor Posts: 2,998   +2,470

    It would have been bad karma not to recall the defective product though.
    wastedkill, Jamlad and Panda218 like this.
  4. Whelp, someone in R&D is losing his job.
    wastedkill and ForgottenLegion like this.
  5. SeanusT

    SeanusT TS Rookie

    You mean QA surely?
    mbrowne5061 likes this.
  6. Kibaruk

    Kibaruk TechSpot Paladin Posts: 3,780   +1,166

    With the stock prices as they are? A lot more than someone. I've been tempted to purchase but... will they recover or keep on going down?

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