got a hacktool.rootkit, HJT log included

By wagy
Oct 16, 2005
  1. So, here's my problem. About a week ago, my younger sister clicked on an aim link sent by one of her friends which ended up containing a virus. now my computer has a hacktool.rootkit infecting it as well as this virus that spreads itself through aim by sending the same link to everyone on your buddy list (I'm not sure if the two are one or related, but i bet they are). the rootkit seems to have infected a file called msdirectx.sys (looked for it and havn't found it, jsut like everyone else with this problem). I think I've read that HJT won't pick it up, and that I should run something called rootkit revelear. I ran that after running all my other virus scanners (adaware, ewido, norton, spybot, trojan hunter, cws shredder and another one through the internet that was recommended) but nothing has caught it. rk revelear picked up 30 something things, mostly in the registry, but I don't know what I"m supposed to do about that. the HJT log is pasted below:

    Logfile of HijackThis v1.99.1
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    Check the Read: How to... posts above!
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