Grab the demo for Beware, a promising survival horror game with a twist

Shawn Knight

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The first public playable demo for Beware (formerly Driving Survival) is now available to download. The game, from indie developer Ondřej Švadlena, is still a bit rough around the edges but highlights a unique take on the survival horror genre.

We wrote about Driving Survival earlier this year although at the time, no demo was available to take for a spin. I haven’t yet had an opportunity to play the demo although from what I’ve read about it over on Reddit (possible spoilers), there’s a bit more depth than first meets the eye (and perhaps a few surprises for curious cruisers to stumble upon).

YouTube user Ray Fields has published a five-minute gameplay video that really puts the title’s spooky atmosphere into perspective. If you’ve never found yourself alone at night on a dark road, then trust me – it can be genuinely terrifying (especially in the pre-cell phone era when you have a flat tire and it's raining).

It’s easy to see how some might grow tired of this type of repetitive gameplay but personally, it’s right up my alley. Mix in some puzzles and / or a compelling story and suddenly, Beware could be ripe for mainstream appeal.

No word yet on when we can expect a completed product so in the meantime, the 1GB demo will have to do. This is one I’ll personally be keeping a close eye one.

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It doesn't even work. It either freezes on the Unity spash screen or the start screen and the only way to close it is via the task manager with Alt E as it won't relinguish the mouse curser back to the desktop.