Grand Theft Auto V is now the best-selling game of all time in the US


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It’s no secret that Grand Theft Auto V remains incredibly popular, but as noted in Take-Two Interactive’s earnings report for the fiscal second quarter 2018, it's now the “all-time best-selling video game” in the US.

In among the details of the company's financials is news that Grand Theft Auto V has sold 85 million units, an increase of 5 million since the last figures were revealed in May. That kind of jump would be impressive for any game, but it's even more amazing when you consider GTA V was first released on the previous generation of consoles back in 2013.

"According to The NPD Group, Grand Theft Auto V is now the all-time best-selling video game, both in revenues and units, based on combined U.S. digital and physical sales across PC, console and portable," the report says.

The figure means GTA V has now surpassed Wii Sports in terms of sales. Nintendo’s title sold 82.8 million units, though it did have the advantage of being bundled in with the Wii console. If you include mobile sales, only Minecraft (122 million) and Tetris (170 million) have sold more copies than the latest entry in the GTA series.

While GTA V boasts an excellent solo experience, it’s the game’s online mode that has helped keep the sales rolling in. Rockstar has continued to support the multiplayer element through DLC, updates, and new vehicles and items, which is partly why the company never released any extra content for the single-player campaign. Take-Two also revealed that GTA Online had its “best quarter yet.”

As for the other parts of Take-Two’s financial report, the firm posted revenue of $443.6 million for the quarter, up from the $420.2 million it posted last year. Recurrent consumer spending, which covers virtual currency, add-on content, and microtransactions, grew 66% year-over-year and accounted for 48% of total net revenue. Despite all this, the company recorded a loss of $2.7 million for the quarter, down from the $36.4 million profit it made during the same period last year.

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Tetris actually made money and sold 170 million copes? Damn man. There must be at least 5 billion people who had a copy of it. I, myself installed a copy of the game on hundred of PC's.


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With so many people prone to violence, this society is f####d.

Just turn the lights off for one moment, and we are all back in the forest, with sticks on each other.


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Yeah not to mention the constant problems with hackers tacking over accounts, and the consumer being jacked out of their money that they put into the game, and we won't talk about load times. If they really sold that many copies you would think they would take better care of their customers.


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With so many people prone to violence, this society is f####d.

Just turn the lights off for one moment, and we are all back in the forest, with sticks on each other.

So, it is great they don't turn off their tvs and play this game :)

Look at how many shooters were videogame players and how many don't, as bad as it sounds if those shooters played this kind of game they could had a way to get their evilness out. That is just a theory. Maybe it is better for people prone to violence to have a way to get that out.


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Main reasons being the game straddled two console generations and the online modes have been extremely popular. But mainly the cross gen thing, so everyone double dipped.