Grand Theft Auto Vice City not working..

By portaltreaf
Apr 19, 2009
  1. Hi,:wave:

    thanks for the view.
    I bought a grand theft auto vice city installer from mall.Then when I arrived home,I going to install it.

    The installation disk I bought has 2 installation disks.
    according to the installation instructions, the Disc 1 is the "main installer", and the Disk 2 is the "Play Disc".

    Then I installed it.

    In the middle of the installation, a error message occured and tells me that I must insert the disk 2 of the installer (the "play disc"). so I inserted it, then it continued installing.

    when the installation completes, it said that vice city is now ready to play.

    but when I start the vice city, error message occured:
    "No disc Inserted, Please insert the Vice City Play disc."

    the error message refers to the disc 2. so I inserted the disc 2 (play disc).
    but everytime I load the game, same error message occurs.

    can anybody please tell me what's the problem of my PC?
    thank you and i'll be waiting for your reply.:D
  2. ralphedison

    ralphedison TS Rookie


    I didn't mean to offend you, but is your game original?
    And have you tried inserting the disc 1 when playing?
  3. portaltreaf

    portaltreaf TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Hi ralphdison,
    thanks for the reply.

    it's ok.hmmm,maybe it's not original.i don't know because I'm not the one who bought that Installer, I gave money to my brother to buy an installer of vice city while I'm looking for clothes. then I didn't check it. but we tried that installer in other PC, it works.
    I have tried also inserting the disc 1 before I run the vice city, but same error message occurs.
    also in disc 2.

    may I ask, is it the installer have problem or my PC?
    thank you:D
  4. ralphedison

    ralphedison TS Rookie

    I think if you already installed the apps successfully the installer is not the problem.

    Ok can you tell me the specs of your pc?
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