Graphics Blues! - The Jitter Bug...

By MarkFahey
Dec 12, 2005
  1. Hi Everyone,

    I am having a very strange graphics problem. I just installed an nVidia eVga 6800 AGP into my ASUS P4C800-E. I am running a P4 2.4b, Corsair 512M PC3500 stick, Audigy 2, 2 x WD 120G 2mb HD's, Antec True Power 550W, Dell 2001FP Monitor. Before this nVidia card, I was running an ATI 9700 Pro and was experiencing the same problem with that card. I did a fresh Windows XP SP2 install with this new video card, latest Intel chipset drivers, nVidia drivers and all the latest XP updates. I have also tried several older Forceware drivers.

    The problem I am having is jittery, jerky, ghosting graphics not only happening on my desktop but in games as well. When I scroll through text or images in IE, Firefox, Word, etc... the movement is not smooth and is stuttering/ghosting. As well as when dragging a window across my desktop. It gets worse the faster I increase the movement or scroll. If I move the mouse super slow it is nice and smooth with no jitter but as soon as I start to speed up the movement is starts. It not only happens with the mouse but also with the keyboard arrow keys as well. So it is not mouse related. I'm running a Logitech MX1000 and have tried switching back to my old corded Microsoft Optical just to confirm this. This problem was happening even before I upgraded to my new MX1000 when I was still using my Microsoft Optical. I have also tried using my MX1000 on both the USB port and PS/2 port with no impact on this issue. So for sure it is not mouse related.

    I have so far replaced my mobo with another brand new ASUS P4C800-E running the latest BIOS. Heat is not an issue, I am not overclocking and processor and GPU are running cool. CPU 32-Idle / 38-Load - GPU 49-Idle / 53-Load. I swapped out my Corsair 512M for a Kingston 512M stick and even tried running with 2 Kingston sticks for a total of 1 GIG RAM. Replaced the P4 with a different P4 2.4b. I replaced the power supply with another Antec 550W, tried another Audigy 2, tried another CRT monitor, replaced both WD Hard Drives and replaced all the IDE and floppy cables. My eVga 6800 is hooked up to a power molex with nothing else connected to it except the video card and I have confirmed that my Antec 550W PSU's voltages are tight on all the rails.

    I have even run another OS using the Knoppix Linux 4.01 Bootable CD version and the jitter/ghosting was even happening under Linux. So that definatly rules out any problems with Windows XP.

    To this point I guess I have eliminated just about everything I could think of that would cause this problem. This should not be happening, my 2D scrolling and dragging and my 3D movement in games should be smooth without jitters/ghosting. This problem really has me stumped.

    Does anyone have any suggestions or have you seen this issue before?

    Many Thanks

  2. Mictlantecuhtli

    Mictlantecuhtli TS Evangelist Posts: 4,345   +11

    Have you tried changing PCI latency or AGP settings in BIOS?
  3. Masque

    Masque TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 1,058

    Have you tried a fresh load of XP? Is the jerkiness due to the hard drive caching? Can you see the drive light flickering whenever you're doing any of this?
  4. aeromar

    aeromar TS Rookie

    3d Graphics:Ok. 2d menus and mouse jittering. GPU dying?

    Actually, I'm having a similar problem with a Radeon 9800PRO. Maybe there is one difference. When I run games like flight simulator or any other that uses mainly 3d environments, the graphics are very smooth. The only part that jitters is all the 2D graphics in the screen, specially the mouse cursor. It's clear when I run it in windowed mode. The 3D runs ok, and with great FPS, but the mouse cursor...... Sometimes, in game menu screens, the cursor doesn't move, but I know that the screen is working. When I move my mouse where there's a button with "on mouse over" properties (like color change, or sound), the button works as if the cursor was over it, when it's actually stuck in other area of the screen. Eventually it will move jumping from one place to another. So it's only the 2d image that is stuck. And it defenitely is a graphics problem.

    When I use the computer for things like watching web pages, the page scroll is perfect and it is only the mouse that moves strange. It's like the cursor jumps from a place to another when I move it. After using the computer more than 40 minutes or so, this becomes really anoying, and eventually, the computer crashes.

    I know it's not a driver problem because sometimes I get problems even before windows starts. Now i'm using an old ATI radeon 7000 just to be able to check my email. I can still use my computer with the Radeon 9800PRO but I just can't stand the mouse and the 2D menus being so sluggish.

    I was thinking, maybe it's a power problem. Does anyone know what are the symptoms of when the GPU is not getting enough power? Or is it that the GPU is dying????? Yes I did some light overclocking, but I have enough cooling and this started happening in winter.

    P4 2800 FSB800
    512Mb RAM 400Mhz
    ASUS P4S800
    400W Power Source
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