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By georgiag
Jan 4, 2014
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  1. Hey guys I have a question. I want to know if I have video card Ati Radeon 1GB 128 bits DDR3 can I play games like: Call Of Duty MW3, Tomb Raider, LoL ( with 45/50 fps ) and other new games or if I can not tell me what kind video card will be good me for this games. Thanks you all !! :)
  2. cliffordcooley

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    There are several cards that fit that description. Which series card do you have?
  3. Jad Chaar

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    Like @cliffordcooley said, we need to know the exact model of card that you have. With the latest driver you may be able to play those games at variable framerates. For example, CoD: MW3 runs on an old engine and you may be able to run it at like 40-50 FPS depending on your card. On the other hand though, Tomb Raider is a pretty demanding game and is pretty buggy. So you may be able to run it or you may not be able to depending on the card. League of Legends can be run no problem since the system requirements are fairly low.
  4. GhostRyder

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    An A10 6800k with the built in GPU can run LoL on Ultra keeping that area so its not a problem. If that is your card, based on the fact it has DDR3 and 1gb we can assume it has to be a pretty low end card probably in the range of the AMD X700 series of cards (By that I mean like a 6750). At that point, Tomb Raider is pretty much on low to run and even then I would not put anything past 30FPS on that setting though its possible depending of course on the output resolution.

    If you want to get a decent Video card for gaming, my recommendation for keeping price down would be something like these:

    Asus R9 270X $219

    PNY GTX 760 $239

    Normally I would say get a budget together, put your total PC specs on the list and we can work from there.

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