Graphics card problem with ati x1300 pro edition

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Dec 7, 2009
  1. anyway ive had the dell c521 for about 2 years now mostly playing stuff like overlord and what not. an sometimes some mmo's but recently i can't play longer than 3 minutes on overlord or an mmo dunno what the problem is. Been going on about a week 2 weeks ago it was fine dunno what happened heh.

    Theres really no fan with the graphics card it came with just a heat sink the comp runs at about 30 degrees cel to about 40 max depends on what i do.

    Maybe it's just a little to hot or i just need to upgrade from the x1300 that came with the comp.

    any help is appreciated. and no there's no dust around the graphics card and it's updated to ati hotfix 9.11 from ati website. i can do everything except play my beloved overlord game lol.
  2. Tmagic650

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    "anyway ive had the dell c521 for about 2 years now"...

    No dust around the video card, but what about the rest of the computers insides? Is the computer free from virus or other malware?
  3. sanzo778

    sanzo778 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    yes it's pretty clean in side i clean it out every week lol.

    No spyware,virus,or malware that i know of. I use advanced system care, spybot, super anti spyware virus checker, avast 4 home edition i also use iobit security 360 with other things lol.

    i dont really have fan's in the case except hd fan lol and the one for the powersupply i should prob pick up a 120mm fan an a 80mm to blow on the graphics card eh?

    Mostly i just want to figure out what is causing the card to basically poop out when i try to play games.

    But basically it use to play the games fine 2 weeks ago now it just won't last longer than 3 minutes while i try to play them.

    Haven't really downloaded anything that could hinder the card that i know of .

    Anyways hope some of this helps if not can always give my hijack this log if ya need it or maybe the comp specs but highly doubt that has to do with the graphics card.

    Anyway when i play a game exp: overlord it plays for about three minutes then computer freezes for about 2 seconds then i get r300 error and it says the driver has stopped but recovered if i don't exit the game the comp will restart after about the 10th stop but recovered error saying heh.

    I'am guessing it's prob a little to hot just want more info from other people if this could be the cause or not.
  4. Tmagic650

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    Run the games with the side off the computer. This will determine if it is a over heating problem or not
  5. sanzo778

    sanzo778 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    actually the side has been off for about a week. took it off cause of the rocket noises lol <.< but i dunno is 86 degrees to hot for it? thats regular cel is about 30-40. mostly i played overlord then got the display driver has stopped working but recovered r300 error.

    hmm wonder what it could be.
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