Graphics Card Upgrade Questions!

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May 2, 2007
  1. Hello, here goes for my first post on techspot. Recently i have been thinking about upgrading the computer or saving and getting a new one. I don't really play that much games for the PC but recently bought C+C3 and love it. Someone suggested buying a new graphics card instead of going to too much expense. I'll be honest this is a big grey area for me just now and need some advice. First off here is some of my specs:

    Computer Name: Dell Dimension 8400
    CPU: Intel Pentium 4 640 (3.2ghz with HT)
    Mainboard: Dell 0U7077
    Memory: Type - DDR2, Channels - Dual, Size - 2048MBytes
    Graphics Card: Nvidia Geforce 6800 256mb PCI Express
    Hard Drive: 250gb SATA 7500rpm
    Monitor: Dell 1905FP
    Operating System: Windows XP Professional

    I opened up the tower and looked at the back to try to find out some power supply information and unfortunately couldn't find any. Maybe someone knows this system better than me. I have only upgraded the dvd writer and memory since purchase. According to the manual "PCI Express cards that run at 75w or higher require an additional cooling fan".

    I enjoy playing first person shooters and games like C&C3.

    1) Is it worth while upgrading or just be patient and save for a new PC?
    2) If i upgrade what would be a decent card for my system and would i need anything else apart from card.

    Thanks in advance for any advice posted.
  2. LinkedKube

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    I'd advise waiting if you could for the card, new cards dropping this year again.
  3. I'd save up for a new PC. That one there looks pretty good as it least compared to my machine lol.
  4. LinkedKube

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    you could run close to max setting on most games with the card you have, its not bad, but I again suggest waiting. Even I'm gonna wait, and I'm a tech freak officially now.
  5. MetalX

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    Lol... 2 months ago you were like... (no offense) uber-noob ;)
  6. pageyboy

    pageyboy TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Thanks for the advice guys.

    Whats going to be happening with graphics cards this year?
    Will i need to worry about what it says in the manual about anything over 75w?
    When i was playing command and conquer3 the sound stutters a bit. I dont know if this is normal in pc games, its only occasional. I have the latest Nvidia drivers installed and never run anything in the background. I have an audigy 2 ZS card with the latest drivers and creative 7.1 speakers and have dropped some of the game settings down to medium/low. I am probably missing something to do as i don't really play pc games and i thought maybe upgrading the graphics card would do the trick.
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