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graphics card

By PhantomPrime ยท 4 replies
Jul 23, 2006
  1. Here are my computer stats

    I have a "e nVIDIA GeForce 6200 256MB" card installed in my AGP slot.

    Intel D865GBF motherboard with intel celeron D 2.8 GHZ processer and 1 GB ram.

    533 FSB

    A 21 inch LCD monitor

    My question why does games like Final Fantasy XI still look crappy on my system? I mean this system is brand new. I bought the parts and built it myself yet I cant understand why 256MB card still looks as crappy as a 64MB card that I had on my previous system which was a Dell. Also when I go into sites like Newgrounds.com and many others and looks at the movies or play the games there. Why on a "high setting" the game or movie is choppy? Is it the site or my computer? I talked to somone at a computer store like curcuit city and they told me it was either my memory, my graphics card or my processer which he said "might not be compatiable", thats why im getting the choppy look and the no so crystal clear picture display.
  2. paranoid guy

    paranoid guy TS Rookie Posts: 420

    I think it's a combination of the graphics card and the celeron. Celerons are really weak processors and the graphics card is old too. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news. If you want to play newer games on that system you'll have to upgrade the processor and maybe the graphcs card.
  3. Jesse_hz

    Jesse_hz TS Maniac Posts: 545

    Unless you want to overclock your cpu, you're just goning to have to upgrade it.
  4. PhantomPrime

    PhantomPrime TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Ok so what would be a good upgrade to that cpu..I dont want to be pricey here. Also I looked at the GEforce graphics cards and the one I have isnt that old..I mean compared to the Geforce 2 which i had for 5 years. I mean I thought something was odd when the grapics werent crisp and the fact on a high quality setting movies are choppy, when they really shouldnt be.
  5. Eddie_42

    Eddie_42 TS Rookie Posts: 173

    playing games online isnt so much your graphics as it is your internet connection. if you are getting to high of a resolution for the bandwidth you are trying to run: you will get poor results. its the square peg in a round hole. try using the medium setting to see if you get better results.

    also, as far as the FFXI goes. check your settings and make sure they arent cranked up. your card isnt exaclty old, but it is outdated. if you turn down some setting and turn off things like "shadows in the grass" and "reflections in the water" that will save your GPU some work. I know it makes the game a bit less 'pretty" but thats the truth.
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