GT4016 PSU issue?

By yomama101
Oct 21, 2007
  1. hi, i own a GT4016 (for about a year and half). ive been having this problem for about 5 months but it never got so serious. when i press the start button the blue light doesnt come up, but I can hear the fan start (but its really faint and not as strong) all the other smaller lights come on like normal. i put the moniter on but doesnt show the computer actually starting up and it turns to standby mode since it didnt get a signal. by this time what i usually do is unplug the psu cord or shut off the power where the psu is connected to. if i turn it on right away, the fan now starts up the right way (really strong and loud) but stays at that same speed and doesnt fade like it normally would. if i wait maybe 5 mins and turn it on again sometimes the blue light comes back on and the computer starts up normally. at times i have to turn the computer tower around and unplug the psu cord there and put it back in really hard to turn it on. but the whole turning on and off switch is usually the way i do it every morning. a lot of the times im trying to start up my computer and it takes close to 20 mins. the psu cord is brand new (bought it for about 25 dollars maybe 2-3 months ago) and i did the whole canned air thing (removed all the dust) i also made sure all the connections were secured. now for about three days i cant turn on my computer at all, (im my brothers lap top in order to type this btw) i would love any help! also, i have been thinking about taking my computer to circuit city or best buy for a diagnostic test but its so expensive and i have heard many horror stories. but the price alone worries me and i dont even know if they would give me a definite answer. i really feel its a power suppy problem and maybe i should just purchase a new one? i dont even know where to begin on that topic. i wouldnt call myself that computer savy ( i kno my way around) but when it comes to hardware it all just confuses me. im really worried about my pc and would hate to lose everything. i guess i just need someone to tell me its an issue that can be solved.
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    Ahh, this is a Gateway Desktop PC power supply issue... You could have said this, couldn't you? Maybe not :confused:

    "I really feel its a power suppy problem and maybe I should just purchase a new one?"...

    You said it! Do you have a computer savvy friend that can help you with this? You could go over to Best Buy and TELL them that you need a power supply for a Gateway GT4016 desktop. It should be a standard ATX power supply. Get at least a 450 watt supply. They are not hard to install. Pay attention to where the power cables go. You shouldn't loose any data
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