GTX 970 G1 Gaming randomly freezing my computer

  1. I build my computer 2 months ago.

    i5 6600k
    GTX970 G1 Gaming
    16GB DDR4 2400MHz
    Z170 - A
    500GB SSD + 2TB HDD
    750W (Corsair RM750)
    Windows 8.1

    Everything was working fine but randomly (once a day, computer ~24h uptime) the computer screen freezes and there's a loud buzzing sound coming from speakers. It would only restart when I press and hold the power button - all the fans and lights inside the computer still working. This reapeats for some time and I have a hard time trying to pinpoint the problem.

    I formated my computer and installed windows 10 but it didn't solve the problem.

    So I changed to my old video card (Zotac GTX560 SE) and the problem is gone. What is the next step now that I found the problem? I don't know how to easily replicate the problem, I am only guessing that it is gone because I am using for some time the old video card and nothing happened. I am SURE that there's no overheating on the 970 (temps always stay between 40-50) and if the power supply can handle the old 560 it definetely can handle the 970. Is it maybe a defective card? Is so, there's anything I can do to test it? I once tried to run FurMark during 1h and nothing happened.
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    20% of reviews on Newegg are very negative for you new video card. Seems there are a number of cards which experience some kind of infantile failure. While it may indicate some kind of issue with Gigabyte QA, in your specific case it means you should be directly in contact with them about your 'probably' defective card. They will probably ask you to try some different things (uninstall / reinstall drivers, etc) if they do not recognize the symptoms.

    Since it is messing around with a new build, you might want to make an image backup before you get into this.

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