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By jobeard
Jan 31, 2008
  1. After important tips and comparative reviews, this page provides links to vendors and reviews of over sixty personal firewall products.

    I will not pretend this is my work, but thought the site was reasonably organized and thorough.
    IMO, it warrants your consideration for info on firewalls.

    Important Tips
    * Check Windows -- Before installing personal firewall software on a Windows XP computer, be sure that the firewall built into the Windows XP operating system is turned off.
    * Just One, Not Two -- Never use two software firewalls at the same time. Completely uninstall one before installing another. Use the vendor's uninstall utility or if not available, use the Windows XP add/remove software tool in the control panel. You can use a hardware firewall including a Wired Router, Wireless Router or Broadband Gateway.
    * Patches & Updates -- As soon as your firewall is installed, check the vendor's website for patches and updates. If the firewall offers an automatic update function, turn it on.
    * Testing -- After you install a firewall, be sure to check it with an online service like Security Space to make sure that it is configured correctly [a basic audit for a home PC is free]. Testing your firewall is the only sure way to tell that your computer is really being protected.
    2 Top Products -- Sunbelt & ZoneAlarm Pro

    22 More Choices -- Bullguard, Computer Associates, Comodo, F-Secure, Jetico, Kaspersky, Lavasoft, Look'n'Stop, McAfee, Microsoft Windows, Net, Norman, Online-Armor, Outpost, Panda, pcInternet Patrol, Preventon, PrivateFirewall, Terminet, Trend Micro PC-cillin, VisNetic, Webroot

    11 Not Reviewed Yet -- 8Signs, Ashampoo, Iolo, MicroWorld, Netveda, PC Tools, Prisma, R-Firewall, Rising, Sphinx [Software] & TheGreenBow

    29 Gone or Fading Away -- Armor2net, BlackIce, Checkit, ConSeal, eSafe, Fireball, Firekeys, Firewall X-treme, Freedom, Hackersmacker, HackTracer, InJoy, Internet Firewall 2000, Mindsoft, Norton, Omniguad, PC Viper, Primedius, NeoWatch, Safeworld Hacker Stopper, SecurePoint, SecureUP, SoftPerfect, Sphinx (BioData), Surf Secret, Sygate, Tiny, The Shield & VirusMD

    the article may be seen here
  2. tipstir

    tipstir TS Ambassador Posts: 2,477   +126

    Add the Freeware version from PC Tools Firewall Plus To the list.. Armor2net was a good for P2P one but lacks a lot of missing features and tends to crash a lot it use some sort of Bulldog.dll for spyware rouge detectors. I've been using PTFP for 3 months now all systems are using it. P2P was the real test and dwl speed was over 1.65 which is good for my router.

    I see you didn't mention DSA from Privacyware another freeware one but it tends to be very buggy.
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