Guild Wars runs laggy on my computer? Help!

By Ftowngang916
Dec 7, 2005
  1. I have a basic Dell Dimension e310 with Integrated Intel® GMA 900 video card, and 256mb of ram. Do I need more Ram to make my computer not run guild wars laggy or do i need a new video card?
  2. swker98

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    hello Ftowngang916 the reasion that gulide wars run laggy is that you have intergrted graphics whitch is very slow and many people say for games today you will atlest need 512 mb of ram
  3. steezasu

    steezasu TS Rookie

    Vid Card

    I would say the video card is probably most imporant. When I had my dell a few years back I was using the graphics card that came with it. It wasn't integrated, but it still wasn't any good. Chances are your integrated graphics aren't too hot either. Anyways, to make a long story short i upgraded to a GeForce Ti-4200 128mb card and performance in my gaming skyrocketed, I was only using 256mb of RAM as well and a 1.8ghz processor I believe. I haven't played Guild Wars, but World of Warcraft ran just fine (except in large cities, but I think that a processor/ram upgrade ALONG with the video card would be the only way to have fixed it). If you're going to spend 70+ bucks on an upgrade right now, I'd say do it on the video card and not the RAM, it would probably be the most noticeable.

  4. KaliNtheReD

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    Definitely. 256MB of RAM is the BARE minimum. 512MB or greater is recommended. Also, integrated graphics is terrible at games. You'd need a semi-decent graphics card to play Guild Wars on decent settings.
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