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Jun 16, 2003
  1. how can you tell if someone has infiltrated your system, i have xp and i know that the firewall that came built in isn't the best in the world and i just installed an additional firewall to be safe. but is there some way i can tell if someone has been snooping around because a so called reformed hacker friend of mine has been dropping these little hints..
  2. poertner_1274

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    Run an antivirus. That might turn up some trojans or other backdoor things that could be on your system. Other than that just be careful of what you run and do while using your computer.
  3. iss

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    Spybot search and destroy is an excellent freeware tool that detects spyware, keyloggers and even many trojans.

  4. poertner_1274

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    Yeah I guess I forgot to mention Spybot.
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    When in doubt, I can say as a person who has worked networking/security, pull the network connection. No connection, no data going out. Can save you lotsa trouble if you have indeed been attacked. Hack victims have become unknowing storage places for files, typically music, movies, and wareZ, so you can look for mysterious files in odd places (like the recycle bin, for example- win search doesn't check there, but from the dos prompt you might find it..)

    ZoneAlarm is a decent program for detecting incoming/outgoing packets that you don't want moving around, but at the same time the program frequently flags legitimate traffic. It's a worthy extra measure if you need it. Just double check anything it reports and be sure you know what exactly those odd packets are.

    If push really comes to shove: Reinstall your OS of choice. Immediately, before reinstalling any other applications, run windows update. Install all the apps you are going to install, run update again. Especially if Office is part of the collection. Install the firewall software/zone alarm/etc before running win update again. Check the vendors of each software that you've installed for updates. Run winupdate again as the last measure after finally installing everything, hopefully there are no updates.

    Hope this helps some.
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    Good advice, but I like to add that it is best to install your firewall before doing any updates and before connecting your network cable for the first time. It should be the first thing you do after windows is installed. Same goes for antivirus software.
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    The Basic Knowledge that could help

    hackers Regardless will and can access your computer it does not matter if you have a 256bit encryption feed to your computer or not or the best antivirus / Spybot .

    For those who have cable or aol accounts im sorry to inform you but your more likely to be a victum of a hacker why there are programs that randomly record IP's and firewall pass keys and for cable your IP stays the same till you drop your ping and create a new one .

    But bell high speed users have the advantage because everytime you restart your computer or start up your internet your IP address is changed .

    But i believe that is with most high speed provider.

    I used to have 2500 active Aol user accounts on hand and about 1500 active cable IP's which i used for a program called MIRC .

    ITS A back door script that allows users to trade appz games and movies . (Were i got education in Hacking )

    Well I hope this helps you guys out your Pal


    P.s. Some of you may already know the information i provided to you but for those that dont i hope it does help you with understanding the security messures involved in a simple thing such as your internet provider .

    Feel Free to Email Me with any questions about your security and privacy issues .

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    fiiiiighting the urge not to be a smartass......

    oops. i'm not even going to point all the errors out...
  9. Nodsu

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    Better not educate the script kiddie - can't risk with him obtaining some skill or knowledge.
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    Fight it filthy - fight it! Oh no! Someone hold me back too!
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    Re: The Basic Knowledge that could help

    @ TopicStarter:

    Step 1. Install a well known and well supported AntiVirus, and run an anti-spyware tool...my personal combo at the moment is Kaspersky and Webroots Spy Sweeper.

    Step 2 (if step 1 seems to fail). Be preventive; format the computer, and install your protection software from the start, in order to prevent any potential problems.
  12. bewbew

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    Somebody who gains entry to your system via a backdoor trojan is not a hacker.

    This is how to avoid it:

    Manually configure ports to be filtered, or use Zone Alarm (to hide your computer on a network.. so it won't give a reply when somebody goes looking for it)

    Don't d/l crap. If you see cheezy Casino games or something for free, it's a scam.

    Use Mozilla Firefox. I never, ever use IE. Unless it's for Windows Update. I also use Mozilla Thunderbird instead of Outlook .. solves 99.9% of the problems right there.

    Be aware of the .jpeg exploit going around. GTK is easily compromised but if you block outbound connections with Zone Alarm you shouldn't have a problem.

    If you really are paranoid for some reason you could always make a user account and surf/download using that instead of running in a SuperUser Admin all the time.. but I don't know what setup you have.
  13. bewbew

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    Oops, I forgot

    Subscribe to 2600 magazine, a real hacker zine. Learn that people who guess MSN passwords or distro viruses aren't hackers.

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