Had a go at a big upgrade...

By Micky h
Mar 31, 2013
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  1. Had a go at big upgrade as follows m2n32 ws pro amd 64x2 GF8400gs GF7600gs both ddr2 and 258 mb nf590sli and nf190 chips 500 gig hd 6gig ram Samsung 40" hd screen 7.1 on board digital audio and c-media sound card and new install of Ubuntu 12.10 can this little lot be configured to run and perform stable I know there's miles better of every item , pennies are tight I'm planning on streaming live house music shows any advice greatly revived .regards mick
  2. LukeDJ

    LukeDJ TS Maniac Posts: 350   +112

    What did you have to start with, and what components do you plan to upgrade?

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