Hard drive change

I have just attempted to swap a hard drive from my dell to a compaq that someone gave me. When I power on the computer that the hard drive is in I get a blank screen. Did I do something wrong? Please help.


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Hi wcheard,

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Sometimes when you swap a hard drive over to another PC it doesnt like the hardware change.

  • Try the following:
  • Remove the HDD from the Compaq and re-boot the pc. Even though the HDD is missing you should still get a picture on the screen.
  • If you DONT get a picture with the HDD removed the the Compaq either has a) a faulty mobo OR b) there may a problem with the graphics card. This all dpeends if you have a graphics card installed or if you are using onboard VGA.

Hope this helps



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I assume this is a known good drive.
Check that the cables are connected properly.
What kind of drive (SATA or PATA?).
Check the jumper setting. It should be Master or Cable select if it's a PATA and the only drive.
If it's SATA, make sure the channel is enabled and selected as boot.