Hard Drive failure + External HDD Failure Similtaneously

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The other day I was workigna t ym computer, when it started to show tell tale signs of HDD failure, and then would not boot, could hear thrashing and clicking etc when trying to read it.

I was pretty annoyed about that but I thought oh well its all backed up just need a new HDD.

So got a new one ordered all specs reccommended by the computer manufacturer, installed by a preofessional too.

*** was going well, new OS flying along nicely so I went to my external HDD to transfer some data. Uppon trying to open my 1.5tb external HDD I realise windows cannot read it, although it is shown in "device manager" as a usb sotrage device. My other lapotop wont read it, nor a mac, nor linux even with force boot command.

I then go to my emergency backup 320gb hard drive with a small fraction of my important stuff on it. this 320gb hard drive WAS readable when I installed my new HDD with OS on it, but I went to the 1.5tb first as it had more on. But now even the 320 GB hard drive cannot be read, by a selection of computers.

I then plugged by 8GB Nokia N95 in and now it cannot even be read.

Complete disaster.

I have tried chkdsk, macs reading all drives, linux force boot commands.

I am quite scared that my new 500gb OS hard drive will fail soon too but I dont know what is causing this please any help much appreciated.




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What OS?
Look in Event Viewer/System for any red marks that may provide clues.
I understand the initial drive failure. but the subsequent failures suggest a major problem with the computer itself. Power supply, memory IDE controller, motherboard?
A virus could do this. There may be some rogue file on the external drive.
I am using Windows Vista Home Premium.

I have checked for obvious errors in different sectors, including looking for any possible minidump files that could ahve been created when the first hard drive crashed.

I think it could quite well be a virus that has jumped ship between my different harddrives and taken the others down in the process.

The question is what can I do to recover the data? It seems to be the NTFS reading error, in that the data is still there, but the drive cannot be read.



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You may have a look at TestDisk, its an open source solution, I hope it will help you in some ways. Please do keep us posted.
That tool testdisk is allowing me to copy files from my hard drive back to my new desktop hard drive so thats a very good start.

Thank you very much on saving me the last 5 years of my digital life :D


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I'm glad it helped you, take care and one last bit of advice; if you are using external hdd as backup device; just use it so; as soon as you backup whatever you need to safely disconnect it.


YES! Disconnect, disable, or power off any devices not needed, especially storage devices.
Why place them at an unnecessary risk to attack or errors?

(also saves laptop batteries for all those USB connections)
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