Hard Drive mysteroiusly crashes

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Sep 12, 2004
  1. Ok so i came home last night from a ****** day of the fair and going to megans house. I boot my computer to find out the blue sceen of death appears "unmountble boot volume" By the sound of that I know Win XP is going to need a reload. Im fine with that. But the messed up part is i hook the HD to another computer and theres nothing on the disk!!!! A complete RAW data partion 0/0kb or what the properties box says. Explain how a hard drive can just magically reformat itself as a RAW partition??? Ghosts?
    Heres what the disk consisted of or HAD

    - a C:Windows XP partition
    - a Linux RedHat 9 partition
    - F: Network drive partition

    Even more wierd....when my HD is a slave...my F: is still intact and readable by other master HD. However the clicking the properties of C: thrashes hard drive and then tells me C: is not formatted....would you like to....bla bla bla shut up! Any help is needed and this doesnt seem possible unless a ghost came into my house and reformatted my drive. BUT.........my WindowsXP bootscreen loads...........
  2. Phantasm66

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    Sounds like the controller on the HDD is stuffed - that's why when its slaved to another drive it works OK, because its being driven by the controller of the other HDD. You should recover what data you can and then return that HDD.
  3. chadro

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    How do i recover the data? It seems that "something" took the XP partition off. This is why it registers a RAW file system.

    I wish i had the Windows XP cd to do a recovery console command called chkdsk /r but that wont happen till tommorw.
  4. Phantasm66

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    To recover the data, my guess would be to jumper the drive as a slave to another IDE device, hopefully a hard drive. Then to run some kind of hard disk partition recovery tool. We've discussed such tools many times here.


    You will certainly need a good know HDD in your system as well as the damaged disk, so that you can copy the data to that.
  5. chadro

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    Im using test Disk 5.3. Im not familiar with the program and what to do to recover my data. The program did however list my files....so thats good news. There is no instructions to use the program.
  6. chadro

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    I just used a program called Restorer 2000. It was the only program aboe to read the corrupted partition and copy the raw data to another disk. Yay im so happy now. Now i can screw around with that dumb disk to see if i can get it to boot up or just reformat the thing.
  7. chadro

    chadro TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 38

    I did a chkdsk /r command from the WinXP recovery console. OMG!! It worked!!!! Back to old routine. However im going to still keep the back up of this drive just in case.
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