Hard Drive Problem

By Allen Ryu
Jul 10, 2009
  1. Alright, I have two computers, and i took out my 2nd computers Hard Drives, i took it with me when i took my main computer to a friends so i can grab some Files of there like my DnD Notes, and what not. i was at my friends for a good 3-4 days, but when i got there i realized that the drives were Incompatible with my friends computer (they are also incompatible with My Main Tower) so i left it on his desk while i was there, nothing happened to it. When i get home Yesterday and put it back into my 2nd Tower, and start her up. now here is something went wrong. I replug in my Two Hard Drives into the Tower, and i have an IDE Cord plugged into the Primary IDE in the MB, well it has two Slots CD1 and CD2. I plug CD2 into the Master drive, while plugging CD1 into the Slave drive, as that's how it looks like it would go. When it finishes starting up, windows
    and msn loads fine, but when i opened my computer to transfer files, I only had my C Drive in there(The Master), i looked online for a reason, and a couple things said that you should cechk Device Manager and Right click My Computer-> Manage-> Disk Management, And it should show, well i did that and my 2nd Drive isn't located what so ever in my computer, I Refreshed and Rescanned multiple times and still nothing.
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    Double check your jumper settings on the drive. If you have 2 drives on 1 channel one must be master and one slave, or both cable select. If you only have 1 drive on a channel it must be master or cable select.
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    :( I'm sorry, i have no idea what you mean >_<
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