Hard drive SMOKING when I turn computer on!!

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I just finished my first build. Decided to go with SATA HD and DVD drive. Installed Soltek MB which supports SATA and IDE. Turned computer on for first time and hard drive pops and begins smoking with a strong BURNT RUBBER smell (like its a short). I have no idea why! Especially since my DVD drive doesn't start smoking. I'm using one power connector split off into two to support two devices (the HD and the DVD drive). I sent HD back and received a new one (thanks newegg). This time I used a DIFFERENT sata connector for power and it happens AGAIN! Now I'm afriad newegg wont return it but I'll try anyways. BTW... I connected my (old) IDE drives to the same power plug and no problems. I am using a 500w PSU... So:

It's not the hard drive's fault (because I got a new one with the same result)

It doesn't sound like the PSU's fault (because my other drives work fine)

It doesn't sound like I'm overloading the curicut, if thats possible (because I'm only connected a MB, DVD drive, and HD to the PSU)

Could this be a faulty MB? Has anyone else had this experience? I'm thinking about just staying with IDE even tho I paid good $ for an SATA MB :(

Any help, thoughts, comments, or laughs would all be appreciated! :)


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yep sounds like the adapter is wired backwards
power grounding to drive
I got a brand new flash drive adapter that was wired wrong
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Thanks for your responses!

At first I thought that as well... unfortunately I forgot to change the adaptor before I put the NEW (freshly returned from RMA) hard drive in. I would post what my connector looks like but these guys dont allow hyperlinks (why?)Heres my thang tho... If I get ANOTHER NEW HD (if newegg will be lucky enough to send me a thrid HD) and THAT doesn't work - I'm SOL... is there ANY way I can test to make SURE this connector is the problem? Maybe cut the wires and test black for ground... red for ?? and yellow for ??. Thanks a lot guys... I owe you all a couple beers...


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We allow links, just not on your first 3 posts. Keeps people from mass spamming the forums with links to some preteenhorsesex.


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Yellow=12v, red=5v, black=ground, orange=3.3v (in mobo-plugs only)
These are the standard colours, other companies may perhaps change them for decoration-only reasons
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Holy **** guys.... OK now I'm torn
Molex Power Connectors (tested the two that were available[one of which was going to that HD that fried]):

Color (what it should be): What it tested as
Red (3.3v): 12v
Ground: 0v
Ground: 0v
Yellow (12v): A WHOOPING 28v

Testing WITH the SATA adapter connected prooved to be the same.
My dillema: My IDE CD-Rom drive (from my old computer) and it still tested the same - Shouldn't THAT be fried too?? I didn't test my MOBO power adaptor but I'm assuming the readings would be consistant throughout all the connectors coming from my PSU. But wouldn't THAT (my mobo) definately be fried?

Granted I'm not using a super bad *** Multimeter - I can still tell that between 25 and 30v is way too high for ANY of the power wires... especially since the red one tested at 12v. I've used this multimeter before for battery testing, and installing speakers/subwoofers in my truck and all the previous readings prooved reliable. What do you guys think? Any reason why it might be doing this? Maybe I tested wrong? Or maybe I just need to beat the **** outta the guy that tested my PSU in my case before he sent it


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I just tried a new PSU I have
and I get 7 Y to R,3 R to B,12 B to y,12 B to y thats standard ide power
seagate sata Power
P1 V33 3.3V power
P2 V33 3.3V power
P3 V33 3.3V power, pre-charge, 2nd mate
P4 Ground 1st mate
P5 Ground 2nd mate
P6 Ground 2nd mate
P7 V5 5V power, pre-charge, 2nd mate
P8 V5 5V power
P9 V5 5V power
P10 Ground 2nd mate
P11 Reserved The pin corresponding to P11 in the backplane
receptacle connector is also reserved
The corresponding pin to be mated with P11 in
the power cable receptacle connector shall
always be grounded
P12 Ground 1st mate.
P13 V12 12V power, pre-charge, 2nd mate
P14 V12 12V power
P15 V12 12V power
Just had the same problem here. I was working on a machine that was having a problem with video. Didn't do anything but plug a new card in and we had the power supply quit. Got a new power supply put a new power supply in and plugged everything in. Turned on the power and smoke started pouring out of the Hard drive.
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