Build a PC Hard Drive takes up smoking... input requested

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forgive my newbieness, but I'm in need of a bit of assistance.

my 450w power supply had taken up buzzing sporadically when I was running high end games (ie, World of Warcraft, etc), and then started buzzing even when I was only running the OS and surfing the web. I removed a few of my components, with the sound remaining decided it wasn't a heat issue, but the power supply was most likely going out. Without wanting anything fried, I went out and purchased a 600w power supply. I swapped it out and plugged everything back in. It booted just fine, just had an issue with the case fan not starting up (that was my bad, didn't have it plugged into the PSU). It turned off after POSTing. The second time I booted it, smoke actually rose from the harddrive, and I got the burnt rubber smell. Is there such a thing as too much power? Everything else appears to be ok - just looking for some input before I trek to take this psu back. Thanks! Oh - here's my specs -

Mobo : Foxconn/ECS with an AMD Athlon 64 3000+, 1GB mem (non overclocked), wireless network card, GeForce 6800, TV Tuner Card


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A psu will only give the system what it needs upto its maximum capacity, so, no, it's not down to too much power!!!!

It's far more likely that the hard drive was already on its way out!!!!

Unless, was it a hard drive that had both sata power and normal molex power connectors on it? If so, fitting both could have caused that, you are supposed to use one or the other only!!!!
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I'm going to feel very retarded if that was it - but I think you may be correct. I had the molex connector in instead of the other power. I corrected that, but now the psu won't even power on sooo - I'm guess in the process I blew something


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If its still under warratny you can probably get it replaced as long as you don't tell em it was youre "redardation":p That caused it.
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yeah - was able to get the psu replaced no problem, but it appears the SATA drive is toasted literally... it overheats the second I power the PC on, so I'm headed to the HD forum to see if someone can recommend a good data recover company...
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