Has anyone played Frontlines: Fuel of War

By detoam ยท 4 replies
Aug 15, 2009
  1. Has anyone here played this game? I am looking for something else to play. It's so damn hard to find a good game lately. Did You like this one? I also thought of trying the Cryostasis game, but the reviews seem to be that the game is bugged pretty bad.
    Help me out. Recommend something good and preferably single-player.
  2. Relic

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    I played the multiplayer demo for a couple months on 360 when it came out early last year. It was fun but nothing really new or original imo; you got two teams Western Coalition (WC) & Red Star Alliance (RSA) fighting each other with objectives/territories to capture on different maps (for multiplayer). Pretty much your standard BF/ET clone with its own twists here and there. I did enjoy the drone system thou, which are mini-UAV's with different abilities depending on which one you had. Other then that it never caught on more with me. Especially to go out and pick up the full retail of it. From reviews I've read it did alright in multiplayer aspects but lacked a good single player game.

    I'm personally waiting for Wolfenstein which comes out next week. Granted it did receive lots of criticism especially amongst fans regarding multiplayer. I'm hoping the single player will deliver as I am a fan of the franchise. Maybe I'll wait a few weeks to see if they improve a bit more on it /shrug.
  3. detoam

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    Thank You. Pretty much what i suspected.
    I am waiting for the new wolfenstein as well. By the looks of trailer it's gonna be awesome.
  4. Demyx11

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    I have it on Xbox 360 and I really think its cool, although that is my opinion, I think you should give it a try

    -- I have tried Wolfenstein as well, its really awesome ;>
  5. xlabitor

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    Wolfenstein omg is ownage ^_^ I have played Frontlines: Fuel of War but in my opinon the online sucks i rented this game no one is on at all usally 20 people but if you like low playing servers its your game id give it a 2.5/5
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