Has the trusty ol' 9800pro finally come to the end?

By ravecord
Sep 22, 2008
  1. Ahoy there,

    So, my 9800pro has finally carked it, or so it would seem.
    The other day I got this: img145.imageshack.us/my.php?image=farkedwo9.jpg (ul have to excuse me not making a link, apparantly im not aloud to do that unless ive made atleast 5 posts. if you can't see it, theres lines running down the screen everywhere).
    Before I go any further I will say that it is most definately a graphics card issue, I have determined this.
    I suspected my card might be overheating, so i thoroughly cleaned all the dust from the fan and heatsink, to no avail. I then took the heatsink off, scraped all the old dried thermal grease off and put some nice new grease on and put the HS back on. At first this seemed to help but alas, the graphical anomolies returned after a while.
    I've replaced it with a 9600pro that was lying around for the time being; I suppose its about time i bought a whole new computer though.
    You'd think the 9600 would be only a bit less powerful but it seems to have about 10% (exageration) of the power that my 9800 had.
    So, what think you? Time to move on? I suppose it can only be something fairly majorly wrong with the chipset.. id rather keep it for a while tho, being short of funds atm.

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